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Nanjing Steel was originally built in 1958, and then Nanjing Iron & Steel Group Limited was founded and Nanjing Iron & Steel Group was built in the meantime based on the reformation of corporate system in July of 1996. Nanjing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (NISCO) was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 2000. Nanjing Iron & Steel Group Limited conducted the reformation and set up a joint venture called Nanjing Iron and Steel United Company Limited together with Shanghai Fosun Group in accordance with the unified deployment of Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Nanjing in April 2003. NISCO was listed as a whole in September 2010. NISCO owns the supporting capacity of 8.5 million tons of steel annually including the production capacity of its key product plate (coil) covering more than 3 million tons per year with integration of iron ore mining and dressing, iron making, steel making, steel rolling and steel further processing. NISCO has been awarded the important titles consisting of National Quality Award, Asian Quality Award, National Civilized Company, National Customer Satisfied Enterprise and China Best Credit Enterprise and so on in recent years and awarded the title of Civilized Company from Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City during the past continuous 20 years.
NISCO locates at developed Industrial Development Zone along the Yangtze River in the north of Nanjing with the place of big enterprises building up. NISCO boasts a very convenient transportation condition connecting with the main downtown by Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the west and the Second Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the east as well, depending on several expressways including Nanjing-Nantong, Nanjing-Luoyang, Nanjing-Lianyungang in the north, and facing the Yangtze River golden waterway with a self-owned freight port in the south as well as special in-plant railways connecting to the Beijing-Shanghai Railway.
NISCO attaches great importance to Technical Innovation. NICSO has carried out the construction of “One Institute, Two Workstations, Three Centers” (i.e. NISCO Research Institute, Enterprise Academician Workstation, Postdoctoral Workstation, Technology Center, Research & Development Center and Test Center) during the past recent years and established Three Integration Mechanisms as well: Integration of Production, sales and Research, Integration of Production, Learn and Research and Integration of Supply, Production and Research. Through continuous many years of unremitting effort, NISCO has already shaped a systematic comprehensive dynamic scientific open absorbent and vigorous technical innovation system with NISCO Research Institute playing a leading role.
NISCO attaches great importance to Management Innovation. NISCO demonstrates its strong vitality and vigor by constant deepening internal reformation since the restructuring. NISCO combined mechanism reform, benchmarking management, precise management with IT application in management as dynamic integration so as to constantly improve the level of modern management and step into a brand new stage of business management especially after importing the Excellent Performance Management Model.
NISCO attaches great importance to New Product Research and Development. NISCO forms the leading plates being top level, wide width and special application consisting of pipeline steel, high strength ship plate, wind tower plate, heat treatment plate, etc and series of products of various specifications ranging from quality low alloyed bar and wire, strip, ship steel and so on by successfully having developed top plate products including X100 pipeline steel, N610E petroleum storage tank steel, ultra-low temperature pressure vessel 9Ni plate and so on. NISCO products have been widely applied in numerous international and domestic landmark projects and have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.
NISCO attaches great importance to Quality Management. It has a complete quality assurance system and all the production lines have passed ISO9000 quality system certification including ship plate of Double Hammer Brand has firstly passed Classification Society certifications from 9 different countries. Most of NISCO products were awarded the titles of Gold Award of National Metallurgical Product Physical Quality and Famous Brand Product of Jiangsu Province at present.
NISCO attaches great importance to Energy Saving and Emission Reduction. NISCO has tried its best to develop circular economy, and has continuously improved energy and environment protection management in recent years. NISCO brought out Twelfth Five-Year Energy and Environment Protection Plan after passing the ISO14004 environment management system certification, and NISCO has become a National Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Demonstration Base for Metallurgical Industry and the first Pilot Company for National Circular Economy Standardization in national Iron and Steel Industry at present.
NISCO will try its best to make “1+6” business pattern in accordance with the development idea of Outstanding Strong Steel and Multiple Simultaneous Development during the period of Twelfth Five-Year Plan. That is to steadfastly develop finer and stronger main steel industry, to try its best to create a new model for city-periphery iron and steel enterprises with the most competitive and most beautiful environment at home; to further develop the non-steel industry such as energy, extended processing, trade, IT, comprehensive utilization of resources and financial investment relying on and serving main steel industry meanwhile so as to enhance the comprehensive competence of enterprise and try to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.
Looking towards the future, NISCO will take “Built to last and Create Hundred Years of NISCO” as its tireless pursuit as well as commitment to develop and struggling to pull up, and take great stride to the goal of building a modernized iron and steel enterprise with advanced management, beautiful environment, first-class at home and international reputation.

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